Compile & Run Java within Sublime Text 3

Build script for Sublime Text to compile & run the Java file within Sublime Text.
You can create new build script as below:

Sublime Text Custom Build System
Sublime Text Custom Build System

Before executing build, you need to save your Java file.

By default it’ll compile & run your Java file.
But you can perform individual task with the following commands:
1) Compile Java
2) Run Java

    "cmd": ["javac", "-Xlint", "$file"],
    "file_regex": "^(...*?):([0-9]*):?([0-9]*)",
    "selector": "",
    "cmd": ["java", "$file_base_name"],
    "variants": [
            "cmd": ["javac", "-Xlint", "$file"],
            "file_regex": "^(...*?):([0-9]*):?([0-9]*)",
            "selector": "",
            "name": "Compile Java"
            "cmd": ["java", "$file_base_name"],
            "name": "Run Java"

Straight From The Coder’s Heart

4 baj gaye lekin code abhi baaki he..
biwi he naraz lekin code abhi baaki he..
mummy gaye aake, aur munna gaya sone.. lekin code abhi baaki he..

code ho gaya to sala testing abhi baki he..

NginX chala, aur Lua bhi chala..
sala REDIS he naraz bola code abhi baaki he..

aa aa aage kya karenge mitros..
google down he.. up karo..
google down he.. up karo..
alya network na chhe locha !!! WTF !!! e…)

testing ho gaya to bug fixing abhi baki he..

— yeah it’s F.A.L.T.U


Issue Opening Context Menu from Notification Area in Taskbar

Story starts as follow…

I am using a program, which runs in background & doing its job.
In case I want to change any settings, the only way I can do, is from its context menu.. which can be accessed by clicking its Icon, from the Notification Area of Taskbar. In fact, I can close this program only from that context menu…

I am using this program from almost last 1 yrs.. And all of a sudden, it stops displaying the context menu! Where it allows me to change settings, as well as to close the program. And I had no idea how to solved it! I tried to forcefully close the program from the Task Manager.. tried to restart my PC.. But no luck.. then I contacted its developer, but we didn’t get a clue, whats going on! Then today finally got the solution… Issue as I explained is really very strange, but the the solution is also a bit tricky & can’t be easily catch-able!

Under  \Windows\Prefetch folder I found 3 files which starting with the same name & with extension of “.PF”. I deleted those files & booom.. Everything is back to normal.. I am able to see context menu & can change settings.. As well as I can properly close the program..

You can get some details about  \Windows\Prefetch folder at “Wikipedia

So how do I found this issue ?!?!
Well every-time when I am running my program, Antivirus will scan all the files associated with that program. And that’s where I found its scanning a file from Prefetch folder..

I am not sure whether it’s right solution or not, but I managed to get rid of the issue…