Share Internet Across All Devices @ Home/Office using 3G USB Stick (Adapter/Dongle/Data Card) & WiFi Router

This post is for those who are using 3G USB Dongle (Tata Phone+, Airtel 3G Stick, BSNL 3G Stick etc…), without inbuilt support of wireless connection, but they still want to use the same connection across all the WiFi supported devices @ home/office.

Let me tell you why I need this… I am having couple of devices like two laptops, PS3, iPod, Android Phone and an Android tablet… All these devices can connect to WiFi network. But I am using 3G USB Stick which I can use only in my laptop and that’s why I want to create a network by which I can share my internet in all my devices.

First easiest option is I can create an Ad-Hoc connection in windows. But drawback is PS3 & Android devices are not able to connect to this Ad-Hoc connection.

Now the second option is we use ICS (Internet Connection Sharing) by mapping 3G Stick connection with wifi adapter of laptop/desktop by setting following configurations. So at the end we’ll have something like:

3G USB Adapter + WiFi Router Setup
Share Internet using 3G USB Adapter & WiFi Router

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  1. Dear Sir,

    I have a side in a hill station(uttarakhand) and
    I have a 3g reliance Data card+Laptop+DVR, i need to share my internet through by Data card to my Laptop and also DVR for access any where it`s Possible /////

    plz give me immediate Response.

    Mob. No 9717399972,

    1. Hi Bhupender,

      Please tell me what networking feature supported in your DVR (Wi-fi or Cable Network)? Also which Operating System are you using in laptop (Win7 / Win XP)?

      I can guide you for Win7, as I’ve that installed in my machine.

  2. Hii Chintan

    i have wifi modem and i want to connect my Panasonic LCD Viera TV & i don’t have any wifi adapter but i have 3G Stick Dongel TATA DOCOMO Stick (is it possible)

  3. Wel, Chintan,

    Let me complete the question of bhupender, the same situation i am having in my office i have laptop,desktop,dvr (cable network supported), i have windows xp in desktop and win 7 in laptop.
    plz solve the problem ….how to configure port forwarding via 3g data card for cctv remote view?

    1. Hi Nitin,

      In case you don’t have WiFi Router..

      In Win7, there is an option called “Manage wireless networks” in “Network & Sharing Center” through which you can use your laptop as WiFi Access Point. Create an Access Point with whatever name you want. Using this feature, your laptop will act like a Router, to which other WiFi enabled devices can connect to it. Finally you need to enable ICS (Internet Connection Sharing) of your 3G Network Card through its property.

      Now You can access internet in all connected devices. Hope this helps you.

      Good Luck

      1. Chintan,

        Does that mean, I can use my Windows 7 Laptop to use my Kindle Fire, which runs only on Wi-fi? I use Airtel 3G stick.



  4. Dear Sir,

    It’s a very useful information.
    I have Laptop & USB Dongle from MTS to connect to internet. I wanted to connect my iPhone to get the internet connection over wifi. What setup should i do?

    1. Hi Ashish,

      Which OS are you using ? If it is Win7, then you can do as per my recent guidelines provided to Nitin.
      That was working well with my iPod. So I assume it will work with iPhone.

      – Chintan

  5. Hello Chintan,

    I am having an i-ball router which supports tata photon and provides me the wi-fi network. Can i use this USB dongle having a BSNL network by which i will be able to create the wi-fi network?

  6. hello sir,
    i have a usb 3g vodafone dongle and a adsl router wi fi.
    i want use my internet through dongle and broadcaste it through wi fi.
    dongle is attached to my desktop (Win 7). wi fi is connected via CAT 5 cable.

    i want to access my net on my lappy (win 8)


  7. Dear sir,

    I am using aircel 3G mobile internet for my laptop through wifi hotspot. It might affects my mobile performnce despite good speed.However,I would like to buy a datacard/dongle unlimited 3G only for laptop usage.Guide me which brand should i opt for.

    I need good speed and good signal providing network.
    Seen reviews about Huawai 3G bsnl data card.Is it good.

  8. Dear sir
    Sir there is a site where camera’s and dvr where installed. now i want to access remotely but there no any internet connection either wifi or broadband.can i use usb 3G Dongle or usb modem for that without any router or any internet conection. Is there any solution to make it possible through usb modem/dongle. please help me

  9. Hello Sir

    I have tata photon 3g dongle. I want to connect it to my micromax funbook infinity Tab. But when i connet it is not recognizing . How to solve this issue? Plz help me sir

  10. Hi Chintan,
    Im having a tp-link 3g enabled wifi router and it is having a usb port in it and I want to share my airtel usb stick Internet data to my laptop and two of my android devices so is it possible to share to all these devices please reply urgently….

    1. Hi Arib,

      I am also using TP-Link 3G Router TL-MR3040.
      Not sure which one are you using.. but I guess setting should be same for both router…

      It is actually pretty easy to setup this router.
      1) Go to your Router setup page.. usually it’s
      2) Default login details are user = “admin” & password = “admin”
      3) From left side menu select “Quick Setup”
      4) Select “3G Router Mode” operational mode
      5) Select “3G Only” option & follow other instruction like access point name, security etc..

      Now connect your Airtel Stick to USB port of the router.
      In “Status” page, you can see a section called “3G”.
      Once Airtel USB Stick connected to your network.. you can see the status as connected.

      Hope it helps.

  11. Dear sir, i asked this question to many hackers..but they are not able to crack this hope you will help me…????
    i am using 2G internet on TATA DOCOMO SIM in CHHATTISGARH. it is 100 %working with “0” balance in mobile phone..but when i put it into the i-ball or any other dongle like micromax..there is no option to choose proxy address.or port. sir please resolveB my problem..also give tricks that how could i use it on AIRTEL sim with “0” or some balance using Dongle..

  12. Hii Chintan,

    I want to connect a usb dongle/stick to DVR via RJ 45 port on dvr for remote viewing of DVR on internet. Is it Possible ?
    If yes , then how?
    Please elaborate……..I would be very thankful to you

  13. Sir,
    i m new user to tech stuff like smartphone or android tabs. I m greatly fascinated with next gen nexus 7 keepings its specs in view i want to have one from US by the help of my frnd in US.
    I come to know that its connectivity is only through wifi.
    So my request is to kindly guide me whether the said device from US will work in india. Secondly how could i connect it to my huawei e398 usb dongle

    1. Hi Rajesh,

      You are right, Nexus 7 is having only WiFi connectivity.
      As far as I know, you can not directly use you dongle, with Nexus 7.

      In order to connect, you need to have setup as described above.

    1. Hi Trinayan,

      I am not a gadget guru.. So I don’t have many options to compare and suggest.

      But personally I am using TL-MR3040 and so far I haven’t got any issue with it. I am pretty satisfied with this compact router.

      It allows internet through it’s LAN port when you use 3G data card as your primary internet connection. And good part is, it can run on battery. So very handy in travel.

      But limitation is, it has only one LAN port.

  14. Hi.
    I dont have much knowlege abovt internet sharing. I have pc, laptop, tablet, smartphone(android) that i want to share internet to all this devices(note: all the devices has wifi). I have MTS usb data card for internet. Tell how to share internet to all this device using some external device as host that runs externally apart from my all above devices. I can buy anything you say and tell how to connect.

  15. Hi Chintan
    i am having Dell Laptops with win7 on it, and i have a beetal router usually provided by Airtel, one iphone and one anderoid based phone.
    The question is, is it possible to attach a dongle ( which i am yet to buy and which one ) with the router , so that i could get a wifi internet for my laptops and phones.
    please suggest.

  16. Hello Sir,
    I have an Airtel 4G LTE router, i recently stopped using it coz of signal probs. so for an replacement i bought a Vodafone Dongle, with a Reliance Sim. i have an HP G6 laptop and i dont know how to convert the dongle internet into a wifi connection to use it on my android laptop. please help.

  17. Hi Chintan,

    Since this is the only source of information on sharing a 3g data stick connection, I’m posting another question here. I’ve tried the options you’ve mentioned but either I’m not doing something right or perhaps my system doesnt support it.

    I have a laptop running Windows 7 with a Reliance NetConnect+ USB data card and a Desktop running Windows XP with an IDEA Net Setter USB Data card.
    The Wi-Fi router I have is a Belkin N150. It does not have a USB connection slot.

    It would be great if you can provide some information as to how I can use either the laptop or the desktop to share either USB net connection using the router I have. We shifted residence recently hence lost out on the Reliance broadband(cabled) that I was using. Any help with the specific settings or steps will be much appreciated.


  18. sir im using a tata photon+ and i need to share its network i hav a digisol 3g router can u help me how to set my photon to share its network

    thank you

  19. Sir, I need help to configure mts 3g data card with tp link portable 3g/4g wireless N router tl-mr3020. I am not able to connect to internet.

  20. Hi

    I had a similar problem. I got myself a Hame make wifi router which has a USB Dialer. I am using my Tata Photon with it. Now I can use my Ipad to connect to wifi even when I am on the move. Life has changed for the better 🙂


  21. I am having reliance data-cord and windows7 lapy, iphone and android tab. I need to share my data card from my laptop using hotspot. I actually tried that but it is showing signal strengt as no signal and radio type as unknown in my lapy. And in tab hotspot is not detected. How to make it work? Any idea?

  22. Hi Chintan,

    Need your advise… am using Airtel 3G Huawei data card in my laptop.
    Now i want to use my laptop as Wifi hot spot.

    From your comments

    # In Win7, there is an option called “Manage wireless networks” in “Network & Sharing Center” through which you can use your laptop as WiFi Access Point.
    Create an Access Point with whatever name you want. Using this feature, your laptop will act like a Router, to which other WiFi enabled devices can connect to it.

    How to create AP?..after creating the AP what to do?

    # Finally you need to enable ICS (Internet Connection Sharing) of your 3G Network Card through its property.

    I couldn’t see such options in 3G data card property..??

    Please advise me with detailed information..Thanks in advance
    OS: WIN 7
    Airtel 3G data card ( Huawei )

    Best Regards
    Balaji Devakumar

  23. hi,
    I have Tata photon+ and window vista. i have a querry.. Can I convert my lappy into wifi hot spot using inbuilt wifi in my laptop.

    Hope I will get some solution.


  24. Hi Chintan,
    Thanks for the wonderful work.

    I have a Airtel 3G Dongle and a Netgear DG834 ADSL+ wifi router. I want to connect the Dongle to my desktop and use my router to broadcast internet to be used with my tablet and phone.

    My desktop has no wifi adapter hence I will be using the router. Please let me know if that is possible.


  25. Hi ,

    I am having Tata photon + and Techroute (TR1704WG) 3g router acn any one help me in connecting both and use the Internet as Wifi.

    Please help

  26. Sir,
    I’ve a laptop running win 7 and is wi-fi supported. want to use the internet connection of reliance datacard with out using a router by turning my laptop into a wifi hospot. tried connectify me and many softwares but no use. PlZ suggest a way either through HW/SW to resolve this problem. solution through software (freeware) is most preferred. Thank you.

  27. dear,
    I have Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 (SM-T310).
    Samsung support, says Tab can not be used with Reliance Netconnect Huwaei dongle and advised for wireless mobile router. can i use the dongle in router and get connected in tab?

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